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Tuber Borchii Vitt. - Bianchetto White Truffle - The Truffle House
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Bianchetto white truffles are so delicious and perfect for featuring in so many different meals. Tuber borchii vitt. is one of the more common edible truffle species that can be found in various parts of the world. The oh-so-tempting aroma is highlighted when served with warm dishes that enhance their flavor.

These white truffles have a wide ecological range and are found throughout different parts of Europe. They typically ripen between the months of January through April and are ready to harvest shortly after. This wild truffle has a high tolerance for various soils and may live alongside a range of host trees, including pines and cedars. This is unique since most truffle species primarily grow associated with broadleaf trees, such as oak, hazel, and poplar. Its adaptability allows tuber borchii vitt. to please the taste buds of millions each year.

Spring white truffles have a sharp, earthy, and garlicky flavor. Some have noted that the flavors are pretty similar to hazelnuts. They are akin to famed Alba white truffles with a slightly less overpowering aroma and taste. In addition, bianchetto white truffles are also smaller in size than their winter white truffle counterparts.

Why You Will Love Bianchetto White Truffles – In Summary

  • Boasts an intense and earthy aroma.
  • Delectable flavor that brings meals to new heights.
  • More accessible and commonly found compared to other truffle varieties.
  • Excellent addition to tasty cheese plates and charcuterie boards.

How To Prepare These Truffles

Bianchetti white truffles pair beautifully with butter sauces, such as beurre blanc. In addition, they make a great feature in chicken, veal, and lobster dishes. They should be used raw as a final touch to meals. Freshly cooked warm food will awaken the white truffle's aroma and complex taste, whereas cooking them may destroy what makes the delicacy so special.

To highlight their natural flavors, you may also serve these spring truffles alongside cheeses, particularly Parmigiano Reggiano. Tuber borchii vitt is also the perfect addition to charcuterie board spreads!

Why Choose Bianchetto White Truffles:

Intense and earthy aroma

Delectable flavor elevating meals

More accessible and commonly found

Perfect addition to cheese plates and charcuterie boards

Gastronomic Pleasure

Sourced meticulously by The Truffle Boutique, Bianchetto white truffles offer a tempting aroma that reaches its zenith when served alongside warm dishes, enhancing their already exquisite flavor profile

Ecological Versatility

With a broad ecological range, these white truffles thrive across different parts of Europe. Ripening from January to April, they exhibit a remarkable adaptability, coexisting with a variety of host trees, including pines and cedars. This adaptability is unique, setting Tuber borchii vitt. apart from truffle species usually associated with broadleaf trees.

Spring Elegance

Boasting a sharp, earthy, and slightly garlicky flavor, Bianchetto white truffles share similarities with their famed Alba counterparts, offering a nuanced aroma and taste. Despite their smaller size, these truffles make a bold statement in the culinary world.

Bianchetto white truffles shine when paired with butter sauces like beurre blanc, enhancing chicken, veal, and lobster dishes. To preserve their unique characteristics, use these truffles raw as a finishing touch. Accompany them with Parmigiano Reggiano to highlight their natural flavors, making them an ideal addition to charcuterie board spreads.

How to Enjoy Truffles:

Shave: Use a truffle slicer to thinly shave truffles over hot dishes just before serving to release their aromatic oils and enhance the flavor.

Infuse: Infuse truffle slices or pieces in oils, butter, or cream to create truffle-infused sauces, dressings, or marinades.

Grate: Grate truffles over pasta, risotto, eggs, or roasted vegetables to add a luxurious touch to your favorite dishes.

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