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Storage Suggestions

Remember that fresh truffles are best when served immediately as their aroma and taste diminish as they dry out. The Truffle House recommends using your truffles within the first 48 hours after delivery for optimal results. If the fungi are appropriately stored, their shelf life is about seven days for black truffles and slightly shorter for white truffles.

It is preferred to keep fresh truffles in a dry and cool place, wrapped in a clean paper towel. You may store them in a tightly sealed container and refrigerate them as well. In addition, wine cellars make for an excellent location to store your truffles since their temperature is regulated.

It is always advisable to change the paper towel at least once a day since it absorbs the truffle’s humidity. Consistently changing the paper towel will prevent the truffles from rotting. You can tell if your truffles are spoiled when it begins to lose its consistency, has a soft texture, and emits an unpleasant odor.

Store Using A Freezer

Truffles may be frozen in an air-tight or freezer-safe container for up to six months. They can also be wrapped in aluminum foil or plastic wrap if that is all you have on hand. If freezing your truffles, you should do so in small quantities to preserve their freshness. They will undoubtedly lose their aroma and flavor over time despite maintaining a significantly longer shelf life. Once defrosted, the truffles should be used right away rather than frozen again.